Ayurvedic Services:

  • Full Wellness Consultation
  • Wellness Follow-up consultation                       
  • Abhyanga : Full body herbal oil Massage         
  • Mukha Abhyanga : Face Massage                     
  • Pada Abhyanga : Foot Massage                        
  • Shirodhara : Flow of warm oil on head                 
  • Udavartana : Dry Herbal Powder scrub                
  • Choorna Pinda Sweda :  herbal powder bolus 
  • Patra Pinda Sweda : herbal Leaf bolus             
  • Shastika Pinda Sweda : Herbal Rice Bolus      
  • Netra Vasti / Netra Tarpan eye wash/cleansing  
  • Kati Basti: lower back Therapy                              
  • Marma Abhyanga therapy: For balancing flow of energy                                                               
  • Specialised Packages :                     
  • Seasonal 21 days Cleansing and                      Rejuvenation Package    
  • Spring Cleanse, Fall Cleanse                                     
  • Panchakarma: Ayurvedic detox program,              customized as individual need.
  • Post Pregnancy package : for Mother and Baby (rejuvenating, nourishing package includes 1 week, 2 weeks daily herbal oil massage, consult on   diet, life-style, 1 month of Herbal supplement supply
  • Post Trauma Care Package : 3 days, 5days          therapies as needed

  • Massage Therapy : Swedish, Trigger point, sports, pre-natal, post-pregnancy, infant. 
  • We also provide customised individual and group classes for yoga, meditation, breathing, Ayurvedic Nutrition and cooking classes .

Ayurvedic Services
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